Dearest reader,

I am so happy you are here. Welcome to my blog, my heart, my home and my virtual cookbook. This is where I express emotion, love, pain and life in food. Expect butter, sugar, flour and eggs, musings on school and burnt cupcakes, some humour and lots of love. I also draw comics revolving around food and friends.


This is a recipe blog.
I will mainly post baking recipes – as in, 70-80% will be of desserts. That includes pastries, macarons, entremets, cakes, cookies, brownies, granola bars and tarts.

They will all will have step-by-step pictures instructions. The other 20-30% will be of snacks and savoury dishes; I cook too! I mainly cook Taiwanese dishes, but I also love experimenting with different cuisines.

All the photos are mine, and some of the recipes are mine; if not, they are all sourced 🙂


Moe: My name is Monica, but I’ve had many nicknames, including Momo, Princess Peach (I have blonde ombre hair and “momo” means “peach” in Japanese), Momoka, Mocha, Moni…

… and finally, Moe. Some pronounce that as “mow” and some pronounce it as “mow-eh”.

I am Taiwanese, and am in the process of learning Japanese (one of my many ways to procrastination pastimes). In Japanese, there is a word called ” 萌 “/moe, pronounced “mow-eh”, which is what you say when your heart feels a deep sense of care or emotion towards someone or something, often something cute or endearing. Baking is so moe to me!

Baking: I bake. a lot.

Comics: I’ll be incorporating the “moe” through 4-panel comics, a very popular style of comic in Taiwan. They’ll describe mostly my food adventures and catastrophes, as well as daily laughs for your entertainment.


My name is Monica. I’ve lived exactly half of my life in Taiwan, and the other in New Jersey, Vancouver and now Toronto.

If you’d like to know about me, I like to think of myself as a tough, mature girl, but sometimes I’ll admit I still have a long way to go.

Things I like: stationary. soft, warm sunlight. rainy days. talking at 2 am. matcha. dreams. laughter. the wrinkles around eyes. music. my fat cat when asleep. you.

Things I love: Taiwan. education. small cute things. my family, nuclear and external. handful of loyal, beautiful friends. the sky. good food.

Things I dislike: pretentious attitudes. selfishness. self righteousness or intolerance to ignorance (yes, intolerance). packing up when the speaker is still talking. dishonesty. flaking (and not the good kind in pies.)

Things I hate: conflict blood. disrespect to elders, nature and people. unwillingness to change.

I don’t want to conclude with things that I hate, so here is my ending. There are many things I love, but to narrow it down I would say I love people, baking, law, cooking, knowledge, reading, and making lifelong friends. For what my life is about, I would say understanding and applying critical development, happiness and religion.

Please feel free to contact me at moebakingcomics@gmail.com, I would love to get to know you!


(this is a picture of my family and I. I think I prefer to be mysterious, but you can try guessing which one I am 😉 )

family picture

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